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Sherry Turkle write about the difficulties of online communication during these time of a pandemic. She presents the behavioural adjustment people need to make for this new ways of interactions through conference calls and online classes (for her as an educator). The machine can provide with the help of interfaces some solutions but it can't replace human intimacy. She also points to the current raising popularity of "Replika", a chatbot service that act like a friend and you can talk to in a time of need. 

- As an educator, learning to talk through zoom, stare at the green light on the top of our computer

- "When machines ask us to care for them, we come to think they care for us. But this is pretend empathy, and it takes advantage of the deep psychology of being human."

- sociable machines- make humans feel empathy towards them by faking empathy themselves.

- The machine intimacy is lacking vulnerability therefor is not really intimacy.

- "Replika" is a chatbot that you can make and give a name, gender and "look" to. The number of users grew significantly during the pandemic.