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What are the theories, concepts, frameworks you would like to engage with during the second year?

I would like to work on conspiracy theories and internet rabbit holes by examining their role in the creation of interactive and cooperative storytellings.
I am interested in examining the role of this communities from a religious and spiritual perspective and how their behaviour is shaped by the system that enable them to constantly create, re appropriate and replicate myths, idols and fictions.
I would like to explore the online practice of constantly looking for clues in a sort of never ending game and the process also known as synchromisticsm - “an internet practise that consist in "drawing connections in modern culture and finding connections that could be coming from the "collective unconscious mind"; and finding connections between occult knowledge  ( i.e. esoteric fraternities, cults and secret rituals ), politics and mass media.”[here]
Anna thesis map1.pngAnna thesis map2.png what are the practices, techniques  you would like to focus on?
I would like to work on a browser game. As a starting point for the development of the game i would like to focus on a collection of semiotic dictionary/collection of symbols, idols, mundane and web entities that collaborate to create this interchangeable universe of plots an fictions.
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How do the last two relate to, inform, complement, or conflict with each other in a meaningful way?
Since I am working on the connections between complotto/ god-making practises and their gaming and clue-hunting behaviours i think would be interesting to develop a browser game that can reflect on this pattern within the very same structure that supports it. The prototype can be a place to experience and create a new storytelling.
Why is this relevant?
I think the process of engagement into this conspiracy communities/ rabbit holes is facilitated by the structure of web where every information can drive you to infinite points without a defined and linear path. Sometimes when I read and follow the stream of a plot online (a story, a fiction, an historical event) i find myself unable to reach the bottom: I am instead jumping from an hyperlink to another, leaving the main path and discovering lots of new concurrences, anecdotes and seemingly meaningful relations until you click on the following link.
To read about a conspiracy often feels like accepting from the very beginning that you are willing to loose against the maze and that nothing makes any sense until you become a player yourself.