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In my thesis, I would like to analyze the connections between fiction and conspiracy theories and what happens when they mutually influence and contribute to constructing each other. I would like to approach and investigate this question by building a collection of extracts from literature, fantasy writing, experiences, and theories that can help in situating this issue by extrapolating the revealing passages in their plots. I would like to order these elements by employing the structure of the hero's journey or mono-myth in order to unravel and deconstruct conspiracies. The stories collected will each take the shape of a short passage inside the corresponding chapter. This selected material will also be a link and a resource for the development of the storyline in my graduation project.


I would like to introduce my thesis by explaining the intention of analyzing the core question through a journey that collects stories, anecdotes, and experiences and why I think is relevant. I will also introduce the main stories, characters, and plots that will appear during the development of the text.
Chapter 1: Departure
“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder:[...]"
The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell (1949)
Like at the beginning of a story, where the creator introduces the setting and the pre-existing conditions of the hero, I would like to use this chapter to explore the starting point of a conspiracy: historical precedents, external conditions, and internal conditions.
In this chapter:
1.1 The universe (which other call the library)
[Ordinary world phase]
About The Library of Babel by Jorge Loui Borges and why the librarian falls into cults. (Internet, hyperlinked world and conspiracies)
1.2 The golden apple (of discord)
[Crossing the first Threshold phase]
Stories of a conscious departure from reality: Principia Discordia by Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley and the manufacturing of a myth, the Church of SubGenius and Illuminatus! (How a conscious lie managed to enrich the conspiratorial narrative)

Chapter 2: Initiation
"[...]fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won:[...]"
The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell (1949)
In this chapter the heroes are supposed to start their journey: they find someone to blame and initiate their battle of good versus bad.
In this chapter:
2.1 Reptilians, pedophiles, and Democrats
[Test, Allies, Enemies /Approach Inmost Cave /The Ordeal phases]
About QAnon, Luther Blissett's Q, children, poison and other fictional ordeals.
2.2 Belief and reward: the flat earth guru Mark Sargent and how he found bliss in the dome
[Reward phase]
About the story of the flat earth community guru and YouTuber Mark Sargent.

Chapter 3: Return
"[...]The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”
The hero with a thousand faces, Joseph Campbell (1949)
In this last chapter the heroes, who have found bliss and enlightenment in another dimension refuse to come back to their real world. Sometimes they do and have the duty to survive the impact with it. In this chapter:
3. The great awakening: spiritual beings and the cosmic right
About conspirituality and the individual spiritual salvation in conspiracy fantasies.
3.1 Spiritual beings
3.2 Resurrection