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"Let's Amplify Unspeakable Things"


  1. Ways for inviting people in the workshop in Leeszaal
  2. A workshop/meeting
  3. An online platform with the audio streaming
  4. Broadcast in public/outside space


Meetings @Leeszaal:

  1. Ways for inviting people in the workshop in Leeszaal (recordings, printed soundwaves, conversations, meetings)
    Annotate a screenshot from an audio file that is a recording I did in the area. I ask them to annotate with their own memories, thoughts and connections on the sounds
    The Last Silent Movie (Susan Hiller). What about focusing on the silent sound as the silencing of female voices? Susan-Hiller-The-Last-Silent-Movie-2007-etching-plate-13.jpg
  2. A workshop/meeting that looks like "Queering Damage" at Leeszaal. Deconstructing "Queering Damage":
    • It is about a partial reparation of damage of any kind.
    • First they define the terms they are using
    • Then the participants are "interviewing" the damage they have brought as topic by asking specific questions: What, who, when, where, semiotics- materiality, personal entanglement, pattern
    • Collective reading
    • Analysis...
    My approach would be:
    • First warm up (face washing, voice/breathing exercises, human microphone)


    • Introducing my terms (streaming, collective female utterance 'ololyga')
    • Introducing the audio streaming platform and how to use it
    • Discuss about topics that want to reveal. Connected to: being uncomfortable in public- public speech, division of public and private- daily stories, hidden dark narratives of society, mourning, annoyance. Maybe asking specific questions like QD
    • Reading extracts
    • Writing down, choosing sentences to stream.
    • Parallel trying out the streaming (recording, listening, constant broadcasting) and discussing on the topics. Opened an account on EXAMPLE:
  3. An online platform with the audio streaming where everyone can record from their personal devices.

    A sample of streaming with icecast. Recording and listening at the same space created an echo effect resembling Lucier's "Sitting in a room"

  4. Broadcast in public/outside space: outside of Leeszaal while the workshop is taking place inside, other times outside of several other places.
    1. Sample-streaming time.png
      The broadcasting would follow the streaming time or

    2. The broadcasting would be the gradual addition of the voices

Women @Art

I will participate with my workshops in a project at Leeszaal that is related to women's participation in art.

Feedback composition




Designing the online archive. Some screenshots from it:


Screenshot-audiozine- 2019-05-12.png


Making podcasts



Floorplan sketch angeliki.png


What the technical aspect proposes? The material I make public differs. Some times the less the medium and the level of technology, the better the communication


A 'time-out' slot of time when we explore the feeling of being annoying, amplification in public and our presence in the flow

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