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Walking the text This a parallel action of reading and walking. The text becomes the guide for walking or the line becomes the guide to read the text

Directing to satellites.JPG

An attempt to scan frequencies and receive data from satellites in Kootwijk

Coordinates to lines Route1.jpg Extract my line routes from Google maps and print them in PDF with python scripts


fm to text I used speech recognition software for transcribing FM radio while running it with a SDR device
Radio speech-coordinates lines I overlapped the outcome of the previous experiment with my extracted map lines. Like doing the first experiment in a more generative way.

radio_scenarios I sketched some scenarios using radio and intervening in public space

Transcription-html.png This prototyping is about live streaming the output of the speech recognition of radio speech into a web platform.


Happiness-sign-Groningen.jpg ||

Trained data/ speech recognition samples:

I wish I had your strength. for Common Voice of Mozilla

LDC93S1 0 46797 She had your dark suit in greasy wash water all year. for Pocketsphinx

por que al fin y al cabo el miedo de la mujer a la violencia del hombre es el espejo del miedo del hombre a la mujer sin miedo CMPB_M_32_01IVN_00004 for Pocketsphinx (broadcast conversation)

Interview 15
(A=Interviewer; B=Interviewee)
A: So we are recording.  Awesome.  So how long have you lived in Flint? (unclear)
B: 38 years.
A: Is that your whole life?  Wow you look really young.
B: Thank you!
A: So what can you tell me about what it’s like to have grown up around here?
B: Normal, just very- Working class, nice people.  Good values, good heart.  Did all the usual.  Rode my bike.  Played outside.  Brownies. Family-oriented.  Just very- I mean- very Midwestern.  You know.  Cliché. I mean really.
A: Okay.  Have you- have you traveled around to other places to see how things are like in comparison to Flint?
B: Um…do you mean throughout the county or the state or the country or-
A: Any. (unclear)
B: Any…um… unfortunately I haven’t been able to travel that much.  My traveling has been just basically through the state.  A couple trips to Canada.  Ontario.  Some through the- like- I guess you’d say upper Midwest.  Ohio.  Illinois.  Indiana.  Iowa. And it’s- I find it very similar.  I mean different.  I mean.  What their economy was based in.  Because it wasn’t GM.  They were really sim- It was- felt like really similar.  Just the way people are- small communities are nice and down to earth.  What I come across but just similar.  But I would like to travel more in my life.  
A: So would you say, like it- you kind of had like a typical American experience growing up in Flint?
B: Yeah, I would say so, just um … like I said, bike riding, Brownies. I was fortunate I had both my parents stay together.  Most of my friends got divorced, their parents got divorced, so we were atypical in that sense. And, normal neighborhood, just close but not in each other’s business, so to speak, and just family oriented. Nothing too exciting. for Pocketsphinx (microphone conversation)




Soundwalks and annotated soundwaves



Audio Zine


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Main page of the website. Floating notes. This is a structure I'll keep in the whole website and its way to navigate through it