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Turial w/ Ruth Catlow and Mark Garrett 28Nov2011


  • free spaces- what does that mean when we try to translated to the digital - ocean color - what it does't it mean
  • where there is a free space in the physical space that is equivalent to the promise of the internet
  • google maps - ocean color jquery (??)
  • purity
  • exploring the restriction of closed and proprietary software
  • an intervention into closed system
  • a limited pallet color
  • appropriation in away that you are appropriated yourself
  • in what context would place your work? -


  • Punch cards - created a numeric system - that allowed Holocaust
  • forms generated by machines to confirm one is a human
  • limitation of software tweets, punch cards
    • paratextual - the context often tell more the content
    • if people share a culture - small few content has a enormous meaning - tweeter example
    • data - meaning - quantity
  • people are working for technology to make for people - captions and books digitalization -
  • interfaces and how we related to
    • what would happen if the information shown in the internet would arrive at us
  • capture meaning is to confirm who's human