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Projects for factories

Andre: a factory for making collaborative songs (based on samples)


(think about you want to get across, the issues/questions you'd like to address)

Online collaborative sound/musical composition

  • what are the motivations to participate in collaborative sound works ?
  • what results might arise from such process?
  • how can such a system be devised?
  • what will bring users to participate?
  • what existing examples of collaborative music composition exist?
  • can it become something not serious?
  • copyright laws? - an advocation of plunderphonics?

A Sketch

  • could a song be created collectively, with unrestricted contributions?
  • could Distributed Control Version System be implemented in for music making?
  • A system that allows anyone to contribute, to submit his version, to resurrect previous version

To put a song in permanent construction.

  • wikipedia could be taken as model of such a collaborative effort; a collective intelligence

However in wikipedia there is a goal: to create the more accurate body of knowledge as possible.

What could be the goal of a collective musical construction??

  • compositions could be devised as games

Each one starting from a given sound material, a given set of rules, and an aim
(bringing a bit of humor as in Oulipo creations)

Example of a game/composition:

  • Material: the week's #1 hit song
  • Rules: users can only use material from that song; no effects should be used, only editing;
  • After that week/month the song is finished;
  • The various versions will be juxtaposed in chronological order
  • Distributed widely (where to?? is there anyway of submitting a song for the tops??)


we are thinking of using git to as the underlying structure managing version history



how the projects could enter into a dialogue?

  • Dave - svn, git. What does he wants to head with it? What is his take
  • Eleanor - shared storage, maintenance

Each project has to think about 2 interfaces in other projects


Other's projects

Eleanor: facebook censored from facebook

if you establish a social protocol that circunvent the restriction that allow a social experiment

  • pirco wireless code of conduct - for Eleanor project

Graphic scores and Git

  • Dave
  • Cornelious Cardew - The Great Learning - negative feedback built into it
  • the reproducibility and
  • the social idea between open scores
  • if open composition were tools for allowing non-musicians and trained musician to compose-play together
  • graphic scores and open composition
  • Cobra by John Zorn
  • Notations by Christian Marcley


ideas are medium specific

  • applying the factory paradigm to the medium which we are familiar with
  • the next step is to abstract from the media; what are the common lines between project

when they similar in their structure and their approach