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Mieke was particularly taken with the idea that spam can be understood as literature (and your project as a form of a form of discourse analysis). However., as you continue to make it visible (in the form of a karaoke operetta?) don’t lose the richness or drama of the stories…

The idea of the operetta is great. Consider how you make the acts ("intro: The solider and the Widow; Act One The Widows' Story" ) Think of the chorus which sings the same script and then individuals divert from that script and become solo singers before joining the chorus again (as happens with the karaoke script - and the spam texts) - prototype acts - test - document

Mieke also considered that there could be more analysis of the text and their components; a relation to their origin;(how they are grouped &c) that this could be dealt with in more detail in the thesis (and probably will be).

For Aymeric, the idea of the Karaoke is interesting, but the link could be stronger, for instance building a karaoke machine, making karaoke music videos, merchandising, etc. Of course the latter options are an intermediary step towards the operetta and the best really would be to switch to a "release early release often" and "rapid prototyping" mode quick iteration to see what this operetta can be.

And this is the advice we would leave you with: keep testing the different possibilities and think how the reiterative structure of spam would lend itself to the structure of a musical drama (operetta).