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Reading Lost and Living in Archives

Lost and living in archives


What is archive?

– multiple answers (building, location, concept)

– archives are defined in relation to their context

– a archive emerges in fragments, regions and levels

– fragmentation of the archive

→ document changes location / destroyed

– digital documents have increased the fragmentation

(in paper archive administration and docs are septerated)

– digital documents and archival system are created with same »material«

– technology changes the content of what is archived

– relation between time and space changed too

– searching is faster → changes archiving

– notion of archive has expanded

– everything and one is archiving

– new definition of archive

– new digital archives are flexible systems in which content is constantly recontextualised

– Forgetting vs. archiving

– Nietsche Forgetting is also something positive

– Who makes the selection

– For whom is the archive…

– An archive is not simply a recording…, but can also shape the event