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What do you want to make?

  • I want to research about digital data and its structure (how is it stored / transferred / displayed?).
  • With a focus on the implications of data on visual culture. (The form of data??) (Making databases as art / idea of instructions as art & design)
  • How does the form of the database get visible?
  • How does the database interact with the outside world? (Influences)


  • Models that shape the world
  • Data > model > reality (reality itself is lost and outplaying us)
  • Machine learning literal models

How do you plan to make it?

  • Through research / reading & writing about data & visual culture
  • Experiments going along with the research that will accumulate to one final work

What is your timetable?

1. Gather material (Literature / References)

2. Read

3. Write

4. Do –

Why do you want to make it?

  • It is a logical continuation of my personal interest / work / research
  • It is a contemporary issue (thinking of technologies like blockchain / machine learning … that use this kind of structures as their fundamentals)

Who can help you and how?

  • PZI Tutors > Research / Prototyping
  • XPUB Gang

Relation to previous practice

  • I did previous research on data and how it converts into narrative
  • I worked on collections of data
  • I printed databases
  • I develop software / am interested in the digital culture / computation

Relation to a larger context

  • Machine Learning as Art
  • Data is everywhere and it is »the good« 
  • Big Data


  • »Raw data« is an oxymoron
  • Database Aesthetics
  • Database as Symbolic Form
  • Essays on the culture of software


  • The image as a database / array of pixels (except vectorfiles)
  • Is there a file format that works in a different way?
  • image files (SVG, JPEG for visualisation)

Next week

  • Theme thesis
  • Annotated bibliography with 5 key texts (synopsis)
  • A mini prototype / sketch / gesture in relation to your project proposal