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Free BSD was the basis for Darwin, used for MacOS. Permissive license, so Apple doesn't need to share their modifications. (but they share some parts: . But the process of development is not shared, releases are cleaned)

Attempt to run machines just on the open source releases above:

Unix as a concept. Same commands, but a different source code.

Non-software, free culture licenses before CC

Against DRM license

Open Publication License

Public Domain

WTFPL - Do what the fuck you want public license

Design Science License

Free Art License


Creative Commons caused the demise of other free culture licences

Founded by Lawrence Lessig in 2002 --> Episode on his presidential campaign

Problematic because diversity in licenses and ideas is wiped out.

Copyfarleft (if you are a corporation you pay for that work)

"The peer production license is an example of the Copyfair type of license, in which only other commoners, cooperatives and nonprofits can share and re-use the material, but not commercial entities intent on making profit through the commons without explicit reciprocity. This fork on the original text of the Creative Commons non-commercial variant makes the PPL an explicitly anti-capitalist version of the CC-NC."