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  • Make distributed character visible (how much is this book part of xpub / varia .... )
    • How much XPUB is this book |-x----------------------|
    • How much is this book VARIA |------------------x-----|
  • PDF to Text
  • Chat more interactive with search? with Tash?





Further Development

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.19.48.png
  • Added chat with integration of socket io
  • added »Newsticker« to top of page
  • make main table sortable

First Prototype

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 00.18.56.png

first version of lib (super super prototype)

with first API setup:

  "books": [
      "author": "Jan Tschichold", 
      "file": "The_Form_of_the_Book___Essays_on_the_Moral_-_Jan_Tschichold.pdf", 
      "id": 1, 
      "title": "The Form of the Book"

Code on the git:

Long To Do List (obviously)

  • much more properties for books
    • multiple authors?
    • description
    • date uploaded?
    • ISBN
    • MD5 to link books (more stable than db ID)
    • Filetype (PDf, mobi, epub)
    • Publisher
    • Tags
    • Categories? (also important for infrastructure)
  • Keep SQLite or python shelve? -> RQLITE
  • function to make stacks
  • delete books from DB?
  • Coverimage from PDF / ebooks
    • <PDF file path> already done, but need to connect
  • access to python scripts
    • like: python <path to file> <name> <properties …>
  • do we need users? (→ also conceptional question) -> NO USERS
  • Interface, Interface, Interface
    • search, links, categories, shelfs/stacks
  • API
    • make all that above accessible via RESTful API
    • add POST / PUT / DELETE (not sure how it works yet)

  • Make Files only accessible via local network, but catalog online