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The idea was to upload files scanned by the scanner into a local network or even on the mediawiki


  • php file to show files in directory
  • 3rd writeable partition on pi
  • installed apache2 and php (how to install things on readonly systems see: Readonly PiScan
  • looked into the PiScan files
    • found and, where the photostoring process takes place (last lines in file: def captureanddownload)
  • changed the PiScan to display a IP

IMG 6801.JPG

To Do

  • mount 3rd partition with fstab
  • change apache config to point to that mounted folder than
    • copy index.php there
  • copy the files to the hosted folder as soon as captured


  • fstab not mounting system
  • weird ssh problems when sshing into the PI?!
    • changed IP …