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Documentation of work with user generated content, mainly 3d models from the warehouse library. Different outcomes and different platforms. Mixing of sources. Working within fixed structures but misusing the platform. Feedback to another community/platform than the source-provider. I am interested here in working with the most popular platforms as structures for personal narratives. Im exploring also the form of a scrolling flipbook and how different structures transform the visual outcome.

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sketchup gdoc
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sketchupanimation for Ronen Shai 89596398 digitalvisions shethupanimation


jodi/ playing these systems to their full potential, rather than carefully staying within the polite    
limits of expected use and instead programmatically driving their inputs through the full cycles of       
potentiality, the conceptual cracks begin to show, as the seamlessness of the illusion in fact starts to  
reveal the conceptual gaps that were present but in normal use are kept just out of sight.

reference: max payne