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collective individuation

image of network. ideology

industrialisation of social relationships. JL Moreno. Map network.Charting. Reorganisation of social relationships with technologically embodied networks. Social networking analysis. Extreme expression of social atomism. If there is any collectivity at all it is considered primarily as the sum of the individuals and their social relationships as represented by the map of social graph

Historically the development of collectives has existed in form of families, tribes, and even pre-dates the autonomous individual

Combination of social and network-industrialisation, Henri de Saint Simon , idea of networks

social relations always exist in a reified manner as links between one atomic unit and another

Al. Ludovico and Paolo Cirio.facetofacebook:smiling in the eternal party

social networking=exploring virtual space

answer of WHO am i can be given only in relation to the others that we interact and seems clearer after we take a look at our list of social net.friends

questioning of our online identity

social networks mission is to make money

economic success of them rests on convincing users to connect to the several hundred people who await them online (so its like convicning them to become their USERS)

market value-proportional to the number of users

what kind of space is FAcebook?not a home. much more crowded, but also not the street you are supposed to know everybody in your space(?)

its an eternal recorded party it asks you to replicate your real social structures and your exprerience

the price the guests constantly pay is that they re giving away their virtual identity

guests organise their own space

!crowdsources targeting = the inderect identification of peoples targets and desires by the users themselves. this spontaneously posted data provides an endless almost automatic mutual profiling,enriching and updating of the single virtual identities in a collecting self-positioning

imporant fo focus on the core of fb profiles and see how they are recognised as virtual identities

fb profiles sublimate the owners (real) social actions and references through their virtual pressence. they synthesize their effectiveness in representing real people through a specific element: the profile picture.face as majorpoint of reference in the world

faces are not not private but in the public domain , so any virtual identity composed by a picture and some related data) can be stolen and become a pa rt of another identity, through a simple recontextualisation of the same data!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

algorithms, surveillance cameras and face recognition. different elements forming the identities can be remixed, recontextualised and reused at will.

open process without users control

fb resistance-augmented freedom


fb designing your online identity is like ikea designing your appartment the only individuality lies in the family pictures standing on your BiLLy shelves

(tobias leingruber)