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Please let me know if you have a preferred time to talk, and include the subject you want to discuss. Let's try to keep the Tuesday for personal tutorials, and if there's a lot of interest in a specific subject, we can arrange a group session with Barend on Thursday.

Tue 22-11

  • Quinten (12:00)

Maybe we can have another look at the one-sec-video-cut-and-join-terminal-automat, are you at Blaak?

Tue 08-11

  • Lena (10:00)

Tue 01-11

  • Dennis

I don't know at what times you're available, but I need you to explain a few things in Premiere and AE if you have the time. Reversing video and audio. And I have a problem with AE changing my ratio as I import... and I would like to know about color editing a video, changing the white balance if that's possible. Probably done in 30 mins? I will be silkscreening as well so I'll schedule that once I know you're available.

Tue 25-10

(9:00-12:00 & 16:00-17:00)

  • Loes
  • Demet

Tue 11-10 (13:00-17:00)

  • Final Cut Pro!

- Dennis
- Demet
- Astrid

(We will do you collective Final Cut Pro introduction next thursday (13-10) during Prototyping with Barend)