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I am starting a small journal on Transmediale or way to keep a track of thoughts, inspirations, observations & so on during the festival.
27_01 [start on]
A sonic investigation of the phenomenon “the Embassy” by six artists with the support of a chamber music ensemble
Brandon LaBelle, Jacob Kirkegaard, Juliana Hodkinson, Liv Strand, Susanne Skog, Åsa Stjerna and KNM
Jacob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist focusing on scientific & aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound & hearing. [1]
Ian Hacking lecture on "Puto, Plutocrats and Plutonium" "an analytical philosopher who makes use of the past" philosophy, natural sciences to the humanities etc. The crises of classification (problem of identity, power) the deep need of being classified or taking part in a certain group under a name. the naming matters to how we inhabit the world.
What things are called names? How things are called? A conception of who you are affects your behavior. The history creates fake understanding

  • People who are categorized take control over the category.
  • self - control or ownership on the category.

Example: homosexualist (term, diagnostic, category)
What was the user?
Olia Lialana(RU/DE)
Death, birth and rebirth of the user or how would you describe the user connected with the beginning of WWW2?
comp. history the evolution of the user the evolution that follows different path.
data behavior - experimental and creative form of critical notion of how we understand media
the imaginary user understand the creativity as raising questions.
--->"Desk Set" 1957
They are users. They don't program the software. They only observe.
The fear that comp. will replace the human?
--->"Office Space" 1999
"The computer of the future should be invisible" Don Norman
Why Interfaces Don't Work because there is no interface there is technology, human experience etc.
Users are replaces by people. We don't design for users we design for people. Applied only for the narrow context of the developers and frontier. The plan is to make the computer disappear. (Apple Inc.)
How do you call a person who is interacted with digital media?
Let's reconsider/replace the term users with consumers "buyers" and "sellers".
the invisible user is more than an issue than the visible user. First of all the scientists were thinking what the users will be. The users have to be different type of users or imaginary user who operate the machine. The idea what the user should be according to Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, Dave Cronin "The essentials of interaction design"
The users are seen as people being busy with something.(Google glass) obsolete realities ? the first hypertext system. redirect the attention to the technology
Cornelia Sollfrank(DE)
The artist as an ab user.//Net art Net Art Generator
The notion about the user. The user is neither associate with creation nor with consumption. Foucault's lecture "What is an author" driven by or indirect answer to Barthes' essay "Death of the author" aim to analyze and critisise the Grown of technology of the authorship. New models of creation. The convention of creation through the 19th century from producing to create situation, platforms
What use to be the user to became the participatory system(empty shelves)
classification of the level and importance of the user's participation:

  • exploration - find or search
  • contribution - upload, add keywords, theme, phrases
  • interaction - change or delete the content
  • authorship - action or change in real time

The user is unable to change the system? But always exists Exploration of the authorship in the term of collage - the program the programmer, the user, the original creator, the creator of the system.
What is the role of the author and the authorship in the current discourse?. Authorship can not be implied for one author. At the end is ME - the one who takes all the credits.
The users made fooled and exploited. How?
There is existing danger of the user to became the obsolete?

31.01 Notes on_Geert Lovink NL


lecture on Social Media:From Complaints to Alternative tool
publications & initiatives: "Net time" , " Uncanny networks " ," Network without a cause","Unlike Us #3" Social Media: Design or Declare social media platform or an alternative way to think about the network. director of Institute of network cultures Amsterdam
Institute engagement:

  • Video Vortex the most significant project the aestethics and style of game design

2 year applied research program on digital publishing. The book is going out of its official boundaries

  • Society of the Query _ the culture off search and the motto - "To think on load together "

Network as the new social operating system combination of paranoic and celebration What the web means how we are caught by the web?
In the middle of social media hypes. The confusion is profound.
Projects connected to creating an alternatives of social media - The goal is to develop social stragedies - political, economica, social understanding. main concern about the violence in Privacy Do you care about your privacy? A banal notion are that we are the product of the network and we are define by the space we are acting on the network. Disrupted behavior … Project X Haren Facebook is not the perfect tool for organizing masses - Facebook Resistance - who is collecting info?
Resistance: (Europe vs Facebook )
facebook cheating collects personal stories influenced and disrupted by the s. networks.
ShareMeNot ShareMeNot is a browser extension designed to prevent third-party buttons (such as Facebook's “Like” or Twitter's “tweet” button) embedded by sites across the Internet from tracking you until you actually click on them. Dislike button the achievement of the Facebook community.
There is a real difference between now and 5 years ago - people are aware of giving their own data.
AccountKiller software ass. tool
Why we quit Facebook ?
The institute monitors the general statistics of users ….the users are going down.

  • Alarmbellen analyze a way - out. " Sogedi"

" The dump side"
" Taking care of youth" <-- French research group IRI starts to make direct links between the explosive use of the social media
" Digital Dementia Does the internet"
" You must change your life" <--Peter Sloterdijk
" The dark side of social media"
Alternative_ solutions: