The Reposition Matrix

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The Reposition Matrix
Creator Dave Young,
Year 2013

In The Reposition Matrix workshop series, participants are invited to investigate the use of cybernetic military systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles and the “disposition matrix”, a dynamic database of intelligence that produces protocological kill-lists for the US Department of Defense. Both of these systems contribute to a supposed dematerialisation of warfare: their technologies are semi-automated, networked, and almost invisible, operating kilometers up into the sky or beyond public Freedom of Information request access.

The workshops aim to reterritorialise the drone as a physical, industrially-produced technology of war through the creation of a new world map: a 'reposition matrix' that geopolitically situates the organisations, locations, and trading networks that play a role in the production of military drone technologies.


7th July, 13.00-17.00 at V2.

Participation free.

Email to book a place.