Tessel thesis drafts and notes

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Tessel-project proposal

Tessel-thesis outline

Realistic outcome for next meeting=


Been working with 'Dictaphone' and talking about the work... the thesis is changing, after having worked on the project: New emphasis: benefited from discussing my own work. theis: look into minimal music = the mantric power, making a film as a mantra, repeating but changing slowly sound and images working together. Investigating minimal art -and got to-abstract expressionism.

Q: howso?

T: There is a field; there is room for coincidence [restraints= a series of conditions which result in an outcome.] Ambient video.


Brian Eno = ambient music = ambient video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNwYtllyt3Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYCVke7TqlA

David Byrne= book on music

Books: Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise Fred Turner: The Democratic Surround (how since the 1940s the desire for total emersion developed) https://hub.xpub.nl/fabulousloopdeloop/index.php/The_Fabulous_Loop_de_Loop

What is the new question?: research in the parameters for my work. Look at parameters that exist in music and see how they could be applicable to video; look for instances in similar methods are applied (restraints, repetition)..


Chapter 1: about my work; talk about my own parameters and methods. Analise my own obsessions and interests; examine my own modes of looking (gaze); how do my methods build into a work?.

Chapter 2: Diving into method by which minimal-serial music is made provides a lens for understanding my own work. Theoreis about ...

Chapter 3: what conclusion can we come to? What have we learned about the horizon of possibilities? Outline framework for methods (= what I want to capture).


Outcome for next meeting


1: have chapter one written; have literature for chapter two ;

2: continue to make notes (record)

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • 19 November - Graduate Proposal Deadline = DONE
  • 19 November - Thesis Outline Deadline = DONE

  • 3 Dec - Deadline First Chapter = ?
  • 18 Feb - Deadline First Draft Thesis
  • 18 March - Deadline Second Draft thesis (texts to 2nd readers)
  • 1 April - Deadlines Second readers' comments
  • 14 April - DEADLINE THESIS

Grading procedure (Thesis):

Early May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha draft feedback on the thesis texts they supervised

Mid-May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha review each other’s feedback and grades

End of May: Finalize feedback and grades.

Early June: Finalized feedback and grades communicated to students.