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The Holy Sponge

Note from Steve and Luni.





what came before?

what will follow?

This is a screen shot from intended Eye film which is still at a draft stage. The project starts with the concept of displacement. I came from Thailand about four months ago and I see things which are unfamiliar and occasionally see things I recognize. These small things give me a spiritual connection to my homeland. The picture is of a mesh that are wrapped around the trees. This reminded me of the vivid colours that are reproduced in a sponge, which I rearrange in the Thai flag in an experimental attempt to connect to my country.

Later on, I relate this sponge with the propaganda of the previous king of Thailand who depicted him as a godlike figure. He is able to make people love him through promoting values of hard work and patriotism. He draws on an iconic history to the fullest. The official media showed a picture of his shoe which is humble, his pencils which are well used, and toothpaste tubes which are really well squeezed. All of those items are taken as a picture and were used as an evidence supporting his philosophy of sufficiency economy. Some things that are very humble were elevated into a high state.

Q: How does it make you feel?

A: I am amazed by the manipulation of how people perceive objects and it also make me curious about how new meanings or stories were added into each object.

Q: What came before?

A: The feeling of wonderment and the curiosity of seeing the thing that belongs in another place which gave sense of uncanny. At first, I try to find different ways to explore the spiritual connection to my hometown, Thailand.

Q: What came after?

A:  I focus on shifting perspective of objects by adding the fake and ridiculous story to each object.

In next step, I am going to make a mockumentary story that follows the holy object collection. The selection of objects inspired by the previous king of Thailand’s personal belongings that was showed on the media.

Q: How do I think it should make me feel?

A: I want the audience to feel curious, with the sense of humor and uncanny visual. Make people feel curious and make them to interpret in their own way. It’s impossible to read it as I do, but it would be fun if they can link it to their own experience or things that are familiar to them.

Q: What would you (would not) change?

A: I only took the picture of a sponge. Instead of using still images I am going to make videos of the sponge. I wouldn't change the focus of the sponge and will take more video of the objects that were presented as King’s personal belongings.

Q: What does it change?

A: I could drastically change my life if I were in Thailand and making and releasing a film that straightforwardly mimic King story as there is the 112 section to protect royal family. Also, as I have never made mockumentary before. To making this project is a little bit a new way of working for me.

Q: How difficult?

A: The most difficult thing is to finish it on time. Also the narrative part, to make audience understand the story within 4 mins (as it’s the maximum duration of video) is another challenge. I guess the production part is not that difficult, because it is kind of lowkey, so I am not too worried about that.