Tape and trace

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sticky tape and sound experiment:

this work i start as my self-directed research during trimester 3. however i never able to finish it. after i have collected all the materials, including scan images of blank bubbles and marks on the tape, also finger prints scan faces. together, i got raw material for 7mins. however i stuck during the editing process. for me, the make process is very important for this work. however i have difficulty to unfold it.

my action on pulling the tape and making marks on it then collect and scan it.

the strips leave on the transparent sticky when i pulling it. normally the mark will slowly disappear through one or two day. i stay inside the studio, pulling the tape and making the trace almost every night for 2 month. just pulling tape record the sound, scan the image then look at the trace i made slowly getting lighter eventually disappear. sometimes friend get curies to see what i am working on. sometime we have a talk in the study. and sometime when they look at the scanner their face accidentally showing on the image. afterwards, i start to invite friends to scan their face.

SoundstripGIF.gif {{#ev:youtube|on-p0emnEuM&feature=youtu.be;autohide=1&showinfo=0}}

RecoderingTape.png Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 11.45.37.png Trace-making.png TapeOUTCOME4.png TapeOUTCOME3.png RefelectiontapeOUTCOME1.png

Janisface-19.png Fingers-07.png FacebigALL-16.png FacebigALL-35.png Javimimi-192.png Janisface-33.png Janisface-46.png Joak-125.png FacebigALL-241.png Faces 00617.png Faces 00436.png Faces 00351.png