Tape Vandalism (UN)AMBIENT WATER (Wordhole)

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Reflection on leaving traces

A vandal vandalizing common property
A vandal caught in the act of vandalizing

One of the changes that come with starting a new study, is operating in new physical spaces. familiarizing oneself with the people, facilities and quirks of these spaces can offer a plethora of insights, questions, discussions and moments. Thus a great potential as source of inspiration.

One of the spaces at the PZI-institute at the 4th floor of the WDKA, that people tend to gravitate towards is the so-called "cantina". A strange pseudo-room that houses some relaxing furniture, a coffe-machine and a water machine. If one is to closely inspect the water machine, one can see that it offer multiple modes of water. You have the blue bottom at the top, which dispenses refreshing cold water. Under this button are two more ambiguous green buttons, with and instruction "~press both green buttons for ambient water".

The term "ambient water" has sparked many discussions and humorous moments, as it seems like a possibly poor translation has given the water machine a lot of personality.

Another more recently discovered feature of the fountain of ambience, is a red plastic can(the kind used to carry fuel). The can interfaces with the water-machine through a hose (the kind you´d see in a garden). In other terms its some sort of disposal for byproducts of "the production of drinking water" (Probably collection condensed water from the machines internal cooling). As a humoristic gesture a piece of red tape with the words "(Un)Ambient water was attached", a homage to the water-machine that serves us all with vital water.

Adding personal touches to the spaces is a way of activating and vitalizing the space. It can offer insights and raise questions on how communities are built and operate. It can be a way of spreading (dis)information through posters, flyers and other communicative media. It can also be a form of activism, raising attention to urgent topics or events.