Talk:SM Session 1

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Ocean->- In what:

Where do i see the led lights? What is the sound i hear?

Why: The work draws from the idea of abiogenesis, or the emergence of primitive life, evoking the turbulent and sometimes violent emergence of life from the depths of a primal ocean into living forms -> maybe nice to know this in what.. Like Ocean's is an immersive installation that draws from the idea of ..... etc.

ReSource What: The work explores the limits of recycling: if new forms and spaces can be created out of recycled material, can content be recycled and given new meaning? This such a good sentence! Maybe push i further up? From there i'm happy to read anything..!

How: What kind of magazines did you use (and maybe further; how does that relate to the content? Where are you as a maker in the story?) More descriptive maybe about the first word and how it works and the outcome ...?

Error View In general; certain sentences remain a bit vague to me.. Maybe sometimes explaining in a simple way would make the text more readable for noob like me ;)

Why: A more personal p.o.v. in this part of the text would be nice :)