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1. why not? of course, why not! and yet, perhaps we could know a little about what your motivation behind this project is. it´s clear that is something dear to you and close to your interests, so it would be helpful for readers to get to know this side of the project as well.

2. you state that you got carried away with explaining how the project works at the expense of the reasons behind your wish to bring it to life, but i think here we can infer the why even if you didn't explain it openly. however, if your impression is that you should clarify your reasons better, perhaps you should expand that side of the text and reshape the rest.

3. the way you describe this project is different from the previous ones. do you think your difficulties in the direction of the video were integral part of it? it would seem so, as you mention them clearly. from what i understand the shooting was for a promotional video. was there a connection between the nature of this project and your difficulties?