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 What tools, techniques and technologies will be involved in producing and presenting your project?(Not limited to digital tools)

Scriptwriting (character development!), directing, concept development, art directing, camera work, light!, editing, colour grading!, sound design, title sequence. Shooting on film.
 Photography: Printing photos. 

Presenting: would be nice to practise giving presentations (cause I think I lost it a little bit)

How will you use these techniques and technologies in your project?

For eye: 
Writing and directing by myself, working with (minimal) crew: DP, art director, 2-3 actors, 
probably editing with an editor too. (because i'm a very slow editor) , working with a sound designer. Foley recordings by me.

Describe the challenges and potential pitfalls in using these techniques. Do you already have the skillset needed, or do you need to develop new skills? What could be the biggest threat to the success of the project?

I've a basic knowledge of some technical skills in Premiere, Logic. My camera skills (I would say are about 60% ) just enough for a low-key production. I'd need to work on colour grading (Davinci), in order to know what's possible when working with a colour grader. I'd like to learn more about blocking the scenes, as in making a shot list that composes into a natural flow i.d. framing, camera movement.

 Describe when you will need these skills and techniques in the remaining time, and (if applicable) a timepath for developing new skills. 

Script - end of December for my current project and consequently during upcomign masters time. 
Editing - as the study goes. (as I am a very slow editor) it would be nice to have a faster workflow, or methods of editing. 
Methods of making choices!

Describe how and in what way you will develop these skills - and what kind of assistance you might need (and from whom). Try to be as specific as possible. 

I believe the best way to develop would be through practise, f.e. the eye research lab work will include the most of these skills. 
Although I believe I’d like to do some shorter term projects (smaller scale), where the concept wouldn't have to be fully worked out, but we could still practice framing, blocking the scenes etc. 

Peers in the group that may share an interest
Are there peers (inside or outside the PZI) who share an interest in the techniques you plan to use, in order to share knowledge?

Well I Believe the majority of LB1 ; other friends : Mateo Vega, Bram van Dijk, Mikki Sindhunata, Douwe van der Werf (editor),

Tools not to use and why...
As a counterpoint, briefly describe which tools or techniques (that may seem like obvious choices for your project) you do not want to use, and why?

Animation (even thought I don’t want to entirely exclude it from my work!) I am not that technical in terms of software usage and I don’t like the process of sitting behind the computer that much. I do see some crazy cool methods of working with moving image there tho, so I don't exclude working with an animator one day!