Sysnopsis 2

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While I was thinking about the topic for the writing, I have read 2 articles written by Mark Mason who is an American author.  Those articles made me more curious about why 2 different genders treating each other as an enemy when it comes to a larger group which led me to do deeper research on the term feminism. Currently, my plan is to write about de-framing can resolve or give solutions to the gender problem.

Through the first article ‘What’s the Problem with Men?’, he discusses a lot of the unhealthy cultural pressures causing men to act inappropriate. The most of ruthless and violent cases throughout history have been occurred by men. Men perpetrate over 76% of the violent crime in the US. Worldwide that statistic is likely much higher. Men are 10 times more likely to commit murder and nine times more likely than women to end up in prison. Men commit 99% of the reported rapes and sexual assaults. And boys perpetrate 95% of the violent crimes at the juvenile level.  In history, human being has been evolved with competition and violence. This competition and violence existed for their living such as hunting, protecting their property. And it was mostly done by young man. These young men not only served as purveyors of a society’s further growth and wealth but also acted as protectors.  Masculinity has historically been all about the three P’s: protector, provider, procreation. The more protecting, the more providing, the more having a sex make the men being more men. Also, this is still considered masculinity today. Easily, we define male’s gender role like this. The writer thinks these are one of the reasons why the most of violent cases has been done by man. In addition, he also talked about men’s mental problem because normally It’s really hard to express emotions to men. For example, expressing pain or hurt results in a kid like this being called a ‘pussy’.  Through the first article, he is talking about how men struggle nowadays because masculine gender roles are going through a weird transition period.

On the other article 'What’s the Problem with Feminism?’, he talks about the feminist movement and questions some of its strategies for implementing greater social equality. Most of all, I really like his opinion about the problem happens when people comes to group rather than an individual.  He pointed that the problem is that feminism is more than a philosophy or a group of beliefs. There are phenomenons that happens to groups of people. They always start out with an idea and they come together and organize on that idea. It becomes bigger and bigger. The problem is, once you’ve got a group of people together, organized for a single purpose and built institutions and careers for themselves, all kind of bad human tendencies start to take over. They construct belief systems that justify their group’s power and superiority. In the end, There is no belief exist to serve some moral principle, but rather they only focus on the promotion of the group. People of feminism are same. They limits themselves in the term feminism and acts in a wrong way so easily because they don’t mind if what they are arguing is moral or not. They only focus on their activities themselves. 

These 2 articles are about issue of framing, stereotype and objectification. For example, We unfairly objectify women in society for their beauty and sex appeal. Similarly, we unfairly objectify men for their professional success and aggression.  It shows that specific gender roles exist and I think this is a fundamental reason of the conflict between two genders. Why people make ideal images of gender, and blame someone who behaves against the rule of the gender? This makes people feel dissatisfied to themselves and led groups of people dislike and despise other groups. In conclusion, the world need a tolerant society which rejects all kinds of stereotypes and people should not always follow the majority of public opinion. Rather, they should grow their own sight and root down their own thoughts.