Susanna - Methods/session 2 Notes from Only Weeds Emerge

From XPUB & Lens-Based wiki

Susanna's notes taken at TENT while watching ‘Only weeds emerge’ by Pilar Dupont.

SHUFFLE: 3 projectors, at times projecting 3 separate images but also 1 merged image or 2+1. Looks like an experimental piece made for a fashion house. Emphasis on colours, textures, materials. Sequence with vases may be a reference to history. The costume refers to the sea (pearls and seashells) and perhaps a colonial era. Performer is a white male. Music adds drama. The opening with the small stage, the cones of light and the close up of feet tap dancing set the mood for a show.

THE AGUE: Kew Gardens. Voice overs - posh British accent. Slightly confused on what this is about. Colonialism? Botanics? The visuals make me want to know more but the audio is confusing, almost boring. The setting for the screening is very traditional, not as interesting as Shuffle’s. Google Translate voice reading from Kew Gardens website? It’s more interesting after reading the description.

UNDESIRABLE BODIES: 3 screens. Very pleasant and inspiring images. Interesting editing with 3 different shots of the same situation but with variety of frames and not shot at exactly the same time. Location feels familiar and close to me. Water, weeds, forests have been a huge part of my life, a source of inspiration. Beautiful visuals + political content. Weeds as undesirable bodies.