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Without structure

Application (as used by us)

The Tyranny of Structurelessness (1970-73) is a text by Jo Freeman

THE TYRANNY of STRUCTURELESSNESS (1970-73) is an article by Jo Freeman aka Joreen. The discussion of structureless in this article is based on the 'organizational form of the movement'. According to the text, "Structurelessness" is a natural response to an overly structured society, however it is organizationally impossible. Not only we can not decide whether to have a formally structured group, but also whether to have one that is structured or not. A structureless group does not exist, despite our desire to think otherwise. Any kind of group of people will eventually organize itself in some way if they come together for any kind of purpose.

The word structure is derived from the Latin structura, which means "a fitting together, building.". In a broader sense its anything put together. The relationships between family members make up a family's structure, and the way your muscles and bones fit together might be considered your body's structure.

It's a challenge to paraphrase something that doesn't seem to work nor make 'sense' because the idea of having no structure is more a theoretical ideology than it is something practical to realize (?), which makes it difficult to realize, because there will be a structure based on that there isn't a structure. So then a counter-structure (alternative) makes more sense than having no structure at all(!?!)

However, contrary to the concept, it has gone from being a concept to a tool for the elite to grab power.