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Self performance-participatory surveillance

Lutticken: in the post fordist became imperative to present oneself not so much as an interchangeable supplier of labour power which is the commodity most people sell, but to perform oneself as a unique commodity person. In a spectacular culture eveybody is a performer forever representing himher in an attractive way

Mark poster :system of surveillance through code,

a sea change in the way records are kept

the mode of information changes the rules of subject formation from that panopticon n industrialisation to the discourse of the database which serves to control and shape the massed in the postindustrial mode of information.

the nature of text , digital and binary reduction of information, a language of eros and ones.

The structure and grammar of the database creates relationships between units of information that do not exist outside the database. IN this way databases constitute individuals by manipulating relationhsips between bits of infromation.

In the society of discipline the eye is disembodied and the subject is situated. In the society of control the eye is disembodied and the subject rather than beeing situated is encoded (a mobile element in a society which requires the constant flow and modulation of goods, information, people and yet also produces the mechanism which control this mobility)

re-formed us as subjects present ourselves re-invent ourselves

social networking sites can be understood as the interface of self-performance, a portal to matter of every day performance

Baudrillard: reality tv is where the position between the passive and the active is abolished. This herralds the arrival of the performer/consumer or selfperformer, caught in the feedback loop of the media, with no space for reflectin just pure flexion or inflexion.This represents the end of a perspektive that could conceive of a space outside the media.

the reality t is an outworking of that code :you are information:

the world is encoded and this code (whether it be the code of language, of images or computation) in contemporary society abolishes difference

contemporary media has created a form of immediacy in which human subjectivity is the principal object of production and consumption and media serve to facilitate this prod and cons.