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What kind of writing do you do on a day to day basis (texts, emails, essays, graffiti, notes on work &c)?

I don't like using electronics. Feels it limits the pace. This is not always convenient . Take a lot of notes; notes on English vocabulary &c; Listen to podcasts a lot (2hrs a day minimum) and take notes; interested in use of words; making long hand notes; without the freedom of deleting I make more concise texts; deciding what is worth putting down on paper. You value economy of words; [Orwell Politics and the English Language].

Synopsis helps me make sure I have made the knowledge my own.

For script writing using default software. This is the last stage in the process - all the stages are on paper (notebooks) and in my head. All the details are organised in the process. A lot of drafts (on average 8 drafts). (on the soifteware you have 'typing' and 'thinking' time is demarcated.) How could RWRM be useful?

What are your ambitions for writing over the next 2 years?

Sometimes challenging to verbalise the work and expressing the work in a loose way; looking forward to finding the point where I don't explain too much but don't under explain.

Can create new way of thinking, and look forward to working with the woads to create new way of writing with words. Would like to find mode of address where everyone does not need to understand but leaves time to think, to leave something open for the reader. Like that I have to write