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Special Issue Twenteewaa-BLOB TTY


Pad:https://pad.xpub.nl/p/11042023 https://hub.xpub.nl/fabulousloopdeloop/index.php/Main_Page Persist in calling everyone a software curious person-The techno Galactic Guide to Software Observation Approaching coding as a language and the process of creating a new language.

The languages we created in schol to chat with our friends without anyone being able to read. How is this created and how is it connected to the language we speak?

Also how are narrative of technologies shaing the future...

TELETYPE: Model 33 from teletype corporation. The moment when ttys and communication get connected. They were around from 1920s and connected with the telegraph, over wire over radio, a message typed that arrives and is printed at teh other end (media, military users). First half of 20th century computers are big expensive, only for state administration, military, big companies.

Used for information exchange mostly. Journey of the computer and the materialisation of the software is with punchcards.

Advent of time sharing: 60s, 70s allows the same computer to be used by multiple people. \dev\tty- changed to the ones that we use now with the terminal. Multiple places to run a server--- similiar to the cloud idea.

Time sharing is dropped in the 80s and 90s because computer becomes affordable. But it comes back nowadays, its not linear in progress.

Media archeology lab- colorado: https://www.mediaarchaeologylab.com/ Teletype can still connect to a computer because it has a usb entrance. A machine from 40 years ago can be used to control a machine from today. Running software from 50 years ago...

media archaeology lab from my bachelors university: https://comd.bilkent.edu.tr/facilities/media-archaeology-lab/


Also, the idea of publishing weekly like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_of_Theseus or the surrealists exquisite corpses. This really raises many questions and ofcourse also possibilities to the ways of documenting the work every week.

further reading on cryptography, how teletype was used in history and the decoding and encoding of messages:






Tarecaker for this week!

What is xpub? with Aymeric


Mission: save breadcube

pad: https://pad.xpub.nl/p/breadcube



Broselmachine jacquard machine luud schimmelpennink: rent a car version-delit cars: In the early 70s they used a ptp11 computer ith the same terminal and teletype. microcontroller: runs one program on it doesnt have an os. inside a remote control, a vacuum cleaner. typewriters also have microcontrollers: Erica 3004 or Olivetti. Olivetti girl commercial, the `fancy` office item.

the daisy wheel: is for fonts and puntos. some printers in the 80s used the daisy wheel as well.

IBM Electra- IBM Selectric: boule printer instead of daisy wheel. Solinoid is for the hammer

Instead of erasing it can add the same mistake again?

claus dietel he engineered erica- open principal, no blackboxing.

polling- checking the input and output interrupt: you see the change in input and output. If there is change interrupt stops the program. reverse engineering to make the microcontroller do something else.

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Tutorials: pad:https://pad.xpub.nl/p/20230523