Simon P selfportrait

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My name is...Simon

I'm excited by... reading, watching or trying to make fictional worlds that yoke together strange and dissonant elements into some kind of harmony: an illusion that catches and balances the irresolvable contradictions of life.

Something I'm scared of is... being trapped in situations where differences and confusions in our world views are hidden or erased, rather than acknowledged and explored, and as an extension of that, situations where irony or humor is not a possible response to inevitable contradictions and confusions.

When in a group, I need/value... when people are able to be direct, and specific and attend to the detail of the experience they are reflecting on within a basic assumption of collective goodwill at the least, and mutual trust at best.

To ensure my needs are met, I will... try and listen carefully to the points of view of others in any group, and so try to contribute to the basic assumption of collective goodwill I say I value.

I would find it helpful if others in the group would be willing to... be specific and concrete in their expressing their point of view and avoid over general and abstract language.