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Feminism Does Not Mean Equality

It started from my uncomfortable feeling to the term ‘Feminism’ in today’s modern society.

By definition as provided by Oxford Dictionary, “Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes”, and generally people know that the original goal for feminism is gender equality. As a woman, I totally agree with the goal of Feminism and I admired the movements from the First-wave feminism ; they struggled against the oppressed and disenfranchised in order to gain equal representation and liberties under law.

The world has changed and Feminism needed to be transformed as the world has become fairer. However, they have evolved as more provocative, more offensive and more lascivious. The modern feminists are frozen in old generation and they have been using the guise of equality as a justification for their unequal stances. Feminists are still talking about salary disparities between male and female employees, and they claim all males are potential sex offenders. The feminists fabricated data to make the world being looked as a society polluted by sex discrimination. For example, they found out statistical result based on the salary differences by gender, with omitted results, to demonstrate salary figure difference are made based on the gender. In addition to this, sexual criminal rates are shown to frame-up that females are always victims of sexual crimes and they are always in danger of it. Which, of course, was based on the modified result to support their statements. Even the statics from females harassing females were not included in the result, meanwhile excluding every single crime which might cause the bad image on female. Especially South Korea, where maintains highest public safety, shows some examples of this corrupted feminism. Some feminist state that, with the evidences of mislead statistics, Korea is the most dangerous country in the world for females is a huge controversy, which can mislead males to be victims. For those modern feminists, feminism is synonymous to male-hating, men-bashing, and female-superiority.


In my opinion, This is wrong. Also, this is the reason why I feel uncomfortable to say that I am a feminist even though I advocate the equality of the sexes. Also, There are many examples of famous and popular women who have claimed they are not feminist because they love their family and men, they cannot call themselves feminist because they fear social backlash.( During the transition of the feminism, some misinterpretations gave it a whole new meaning and others intentionally make it’s notorious. I feel feminists are only focusing on making themselves second-class citizen below male and using bi-polar examples to overgeneralize personal dissatisfaction. It roused people’s including my antipathy.

Feminists attack Adele for finding ‘purpose’ in motherhood

The word “feminism” has been dragged through the mud and has been misunderstood by so many people over the world, but if we are to see greater strides in equality for all, it is necessary to address major misconceptions and include men, women, and all genders in our quest to attain true equality.