Session four - EYE Pitch

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This project is a short movie about how human beings can satisfy their sexual needs by developing a special relationship with healthy food, like fruits and vegetables instead of human bodies. A special nervous system starts developing while people turn into 16; it helps people to obtain sexual enjoyments gradually. In their eyes, fruits and vegetables become surprisingly sexy and charming. People observe them, touch them and enjoy a complete sexual experience by eating them in the end. The utopia world described in this movie is a response to sexual violence, particularly like the sexual abuse case that recently happened in the kindergarten in Beijing. This project is aiming to create a relatively safe, healthy and harmony society, in which there are no more rapists, no more sexual abuses, no more cheating and no more harm. (This script may be different from the final work)

Some people say money is the root of all evils, some people say love is. But for this project, sexual desire is the root of all evils. All human beings, no matter male or female, young or old, fat or skinny, can be sexual harassed by someone. We can separate the sexual desire from the human reproduction process, develop a more organized and safe sexual experience model.

At this beginning stage, there are two main ideas I want to present in this movie. The first part is showing how sexy and charming fruits and vegetables can be. I did some test shootings in the photo studio, the result turned out really mysterious. The lighting and poses of each object created a special language to describe the “food sexy”. In the second part I intend to show the the audience my ideal solution of sexual violence in our real life, which is to change the sexual desire system. I need this message to be really strong but not too obvious.