Session five - Room of Silence

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question 1: What are your ambitions for this trimester (Jan-April)?

First, the priority is the EYE project, I am working on the visual effects making now, but the sound effect may take me more time because I don't have much knowledge about it, so step by step. Secondary, based on the research about the camera fears from last trimester, I would love to go further on this project. I will try to make a documentary about different people's life in one day. In this way, I get to know more about the possibilities between cameras and people. Comparing their reactions from the begging of the day until the end of the day, what is the chemistry in the process, does it help to find out the answer that why so many people feel uncomfortable in front of cameras? I want to talk to three people first, see their reactions and make a story about each depend on footages I get. Last, I am going to learn some new camera shooting skills, like how to shoot with log model and how to set up the camera in the dark environment to capture objects while keeping the high quality. Meanwhile, editing skills, especially the transition, the sequence of different footages, visual and sound effects combinations etc.

question 2: What orders your life? (work for money; artwork; big projects; family obligations; helping friends &c.

Making money, improving filmmaking skills, learning new languages and changing the way of thinking and dealing with questions are ordering my life.

question 3: What are you working on now? (what, how and why)

what: I am working on the EYE project recently, just scanned all footages I shot in the last two days, and now editing them. How: I am using the Final Cut Pro X as the software to make my film. There are two parts of footages which I need to pick up best shots from each group first and then mix these best shots together nicely. One group is about the female performing the organism and another one is about the illusion in her mind. I need to cut two sets of footages both into small pieces and mix them together to show the whole process of the girl reaching the climax on her body and in her mind.

question 4: What choices did you recently make? (in relation to work) aka = identify choices you recently made.

I decided to change and improve the method of doing the research in this trimester, instead of making tons of assumptions and regulations before I really start researching, I will try to work with little information first and then dig into more aspects step by step. Meanwhile, I usually pay lots of attention on the final result but ignored the working process, sometimes that make my work even worse or hard to understand, so I will try to set less limitations to myself but embrace more possibilities.

question 5: Why did you make those choices?

I usually make a lot of assumptions before I focus on the project itself. I feel safe when I can foresee the result of the question. But in this way, I get lost easily and miss the point of the project.

question 6: What non-fiction have you recently read?

I read an article about a man who has the ability to understand the social principles in dogs' world and participate in their society to build the right and healthy relationship with dogs.

question 7: Describe it (aka what is the thesis and what does it conclude?)

it is about this guy clarifying a problem which has been misunderstood by people, especially dog owners, that dogs are acting in the 'bad' way is mostly because we don't know their social principles and how to communicate with them.

question 8: How does it relate to your work? (aka = how is it useful to understanding your own work?)

I am working on the project about the camera fear. When, how and why do most people feel uncomfortable when they are exposed in front of cameras. what makes me interested in that article is how does this dog expert observe dogs and response to them based on knowing their social behaviors. It is not directly related to my project but I think his logical thinking and method of dominating dogs are good examples

question 9: Who is on your art radar? (describe the work)

Casey Neistat He is a filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of multimedia company Beme. He is doing the daily vlog to share his life and his crazy ideas on YouTube. The most interesting thing about his work to me is the way he tells stories through cameras.