Session Four - Eye Pitch

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A looping world

Human beings have been struggling to live in an ideal world with ambition. Those efforts and struggles have initiated with human’s natural desire to exceed the limitation of current society and to realize the ideal society: Utopia. Through our history, numerous theories toward utopian society have been adduced by thinkers and politicians throughout the East to West. Confucius emphasized a society performed by human agents and embodying the civilized and cultured patterns of behavior developed through generations of human wisdom. Lao-tzu believed an acknowledgement of the natural law against to an artificial environment which makes people behave badly. In Western philosophy, Plato, a Greek philosopher, claimed that “philosopher kings” should be the rulers of nations to realize justice ruled by knowledge. Utopian society was characterized by egalitarian principles of equality on government, economics, religion, sexual and other factors, reflecting the spirit of Renaissance-Humanism. Since the 20th century, Ideology, a structure of Idealism which explains human world and modifies it, has been emerged in many different forms. Marxism aimed to collapse hierarchical society by prohibiting private property against capitalism, and Anarchism advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions in order to hold the state of equal and free from any oppression. Those ideologies are seen as a part of revolutions for claiming the equal. However, limitations were faced to realize admirable equally world with this single theory. If revolution theory is scientific, there would be a definite answer. Yet, revolution is not a predictable science, therefore, unavoidable variable matters are occurred. The most fatal matter people did not recognize was all human beings are greedy animals which never fulfils their satisfaction. This is a driving force toward the ideal society to overcome current limitation and also the most decisive factor which destroys their ideal society. Human wishes to accomplish a world without capitalism, yet human nature is completely capitalist. In addition, human growth engines are hindered when equality and freedom reach a certain standard. As the history shows, eagerness for better world have structured the current society; nevertheless, it is the eagerness which also demolishes the world. The world is structured by ambitions of human who is eager for better world, and the world is destructed by the ambitions.