Session 6

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Write your own research proposal for this trimester’s methods class:

This trimester I want to read different books and texts about one topic. It will be a topic which is related to photography. I don´t right now which topic it will be exactly, but this parts are in my list: story telling, different ways of a narrative to tell a story, Landscape photography or how society is connection with images, how they using photography or why is photography important. I want to get a overview by researching which material already exists and on the other side I want to get a deeper understanding of it by reading specific works I will found by researching. For every text, essay or book I read, I want to write a synopsis about it. It is important for me to improve summarizing and to be able to say my own my conclusion and opinion about the topic. For this workflow Steve gave me two exercises. The first one is to read a book and to write one sentence per page. This sentence should be the summarize the hole page. At the end I have a bunch of sentences what will be an abstract of the book. The second exercise is to write two synopsis of two different texts and afterwards compare it. The solution is an essay about the synopsis. It is important to write about the content of the synopsis. It will be relevant for me to read and write regular. I want to combine it in my daily routine. Reading and writing especially specialist literature always take a lot of time and need concentration for me. I always like to speak with people about texts to share different meanings, to understand it better and come to conclusions. So I would like to to that again. I would ask people to have a conversation with me about specific thesis. The outcome should be a zine, with synopsis, abstracts, articles I read and also notice I will make during this time.