Session 4

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Make a proposal for a reader

100 words

Texts included

Forms = notes, synopsis, discussion &c

Identify what needs to be done

Make forum to gather notes together in one place (google drive or pad)

Outcome: written plan, sketch, mockup.

We are doing a reader about the reciprocal influence between images and society examined in the 3 books written by Susan Sontag. It will have an introduction, why choose the book. We will pick up a paragraph from each book, and will discuss about it and annotate it. We will approach it from a postmodern perspective, hence it will not be an academic or formal reader, but rather an interactive experiential reading. We will involve Sontag’s text through intro, thesis, conclusion(?). We will treat Susan Sontag’s writing as a guide (cicerone) for our readers. We also plan on using other relevant writing, images, poem, rap lyrics as well as different languages to engage with the text. We will also talk about our own work or other works we find relevant to the text.