Sep 21 Notes

From XPUB & Lens-Based wiki

Mike: Oppositional relationship Takes long time to put into words No writing To get better – forced exposure

Shinyoung: Wrote a book – about experience in NDL interview-based X2000 copies She likes writing articles – to get her ideas out Wrote diary to provide evidence of theory Content: NDL culture relationship to Bauhaus in design Ambitions: writing is how she records daily life / in journal – but who is her audience? Takes on role of teacher in her voicing

Ben Lots of writing relating to design Will publish book at end of year Challenged himself to write during masters – lots of research beforehand. Gov will use writing for tourists Wiritng is challenge since he is a visual rather than verbal person

Choose 3 projects (not a piece of writing) Describe in 3 sections (100 words/section): Feedback – is it clear? What is missing to communicate? Upload at 12.45 and meet up there

LESSONS LEARNED Use language to evoke images in the reader’s mind. Let the text communicate so you don’t need to defend it.