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article in Aspects of representation. Studies on art and technology department of cultural technology and communication, univ. of the Aegean

Photography identity and the fragmented body Fragmented body as fragmented identity Photographer as a reporter of violence presenting the objectified (fragmented) subject as a “shadow self” captivated in social and sexual stereotypes 19th romantic ideal of suffering self as a fragmented soul in painting and photography

Photography s leading role in 20th century in shaping aesthetic ideals for viewing body details, gender identities, photography fragmentation of the body is 20thcentury phenomenon, separate images of body parts as works of art their own

New objectivity (August Sander), war journalism, and fragmented body. As Ewing put it, the sense of dislocation implicit to a fragmentary vision is in itself an evocative metaphor for modern human condition Man Ray, Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman, Kertez ‘s Distortions Chapmans (goya?)