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1) Photograph your hand(s)
Scan MFP-529 2413 001.pdf
2) Photograph the photograph of your hand(s)
Hand 2.jpg
3) Make a screenshot photograph of the photograph of the photograph of your hand(s)
Hand 3.jpg
3A) cover//:Te// 6) Overlay photos that you've got so far
Overlay te cover.jpg
4) Photograph an interaction with a machine in the building
small talk
5) Make a photo a machine doing something other than it is designed to do
fruit bowl
   6) Make the machine a character
scratch buddy
7) Cover//:Arabella// 4) Make an image of something dead
Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 15.53.jpg
April 05:
01) cover: Anni 1] Copy a picture of todays newspaper
Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 11.32.04.png
02 cover: Lau 4) Open your backpag and make a sculture out of the existing eliments in it
Yup 8035.jpg
03 cover: Clara: 5// Photograph two people hugging(ore one hugging themselves),  Zoom in
Hug love.png
04: new scratch: adapt a song into a video

05: make a sequel of one of your own pieces of work
06: the cover + new / overlay the images you have (but didn't make)