Sacha thesis drafts and notes

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Sacha-project proposal

Sacha-thesis outline

Realistic outcome for next meeting=

meeting on 27 januari:

Sacha: I'm going to make a synopsis of the book 'mountains of the mind' and will be incorporate this in the what, how, why texts. I'm going to relate the readings to my own practice. I'll be asking myself the questions: Why am I fascinated by mountains? Why do I choose the medium of photography? Does making these images come from desire? I'll be investigating the micro and macro aspect of the sublime. What happens when small things become big and big things become small?

My thesis will consist out of a field report. I'll reflect on the work I've made and I'll be using the what, how, why method for this. I am not interested in making another theoretical thesis, besides there are a lot of them made already. My intention is to make my thesis more personal, so I'll have to find the right approach for this.

notes on Jan13 meeting:

Busy with: swzland; experimenting with the scale of the work and different modes of presentation; how to use space around the image; multiple projections...

Also went skiing; aren't a lot of tourists, so that was fun.

Thesis: still struggling with how the thesis should look (mode of address):

1) method description (help develop practical work) = ( big themes: the anthropocene &c.);

2) different views on the meaning of 'mountain'. Look into 100 views of a mountain (compare the different ways people experience mountains)

1) seems the best [Steve notes: you already have material to move quickly forward on this]

Steve suggest: Make the new research 'cut off point' after the Eye presentation.

We agreed Sacha will reflect on 3 recent works using WhatHowWhy method

Have been dealing with big issues (the sublime-the simulacrum): Would be good to concentrate on the detail of making things (medium specificity)

Outcome by next meeting: start with WhatHowWhy and discuss (describe) 3 specific pieces (2000 words in total).

Next time: review written work

Key Dates and Deadlines

  • 19 November - Graduate Proposal Deadline = DONE
  • 19 November - Thesis Outline Deadline = DONE

  • 3 Dec - Deadline First Chapter = ?
  • 18 Feb - Deadline First Draft Thesis
  • 18 March - Deadline Second Draft thesis (texts to 2nd readers)
  • 1 April - Deadlines Second readers' comments
  • 14 April - DEADLINE THESIS

Grading procedure (Thesis):

Early May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha draft feedback on the thesis texts they supervised

Mid-May: Steve, Marloes and Natasha review each other’s feedback and grades

End of May: Finalize feedback and grades.

Early June: Finalized feedback and grades communicated to students.