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Creator Elleke Hageman
Year 2015
Bio Elleke Hageman [NL] immerses photography and sculpture into singular pieces with emphasis on formalistic and content-based interaction between the two different entities.
By assimilating forms, derived from an original, into new shapes she researches the impact of the new manifestation on its origin. This constitutes an environment in which the separate elements refer to each other. The artist sees the physical body and other natural entities as abstract shapes and uses those to formulate a narrative in her sculptures. Furthermore natural phenomena occur in the alteration process of the materials with which she works are often implemented in the final result whether as an inspirational source or an asset.

In the produced sculptures we see elements of the artists research towards the possibilities of integrating photography into sculpture.

The artist is fascinated with the affect the transformation from the two dimensional image to the three dimensional sculpture produces. She aims to connect photography and sculpture by replicating forms from image to object and object to image.

She is interested in cosmological phenomena and the relation thereof to mankind and the human body. She sees a clear connection between the human physique, the universe and metals. The sculptures she produced are investigating how the human body and the cosmos can be related in sculpture. In the produced works, she focuses on a collaboration between images of the soft organic body and the harsh look and feel of the metal. Through similarities in shape in between the object and image the artist aims to connect the separate mediums. In some sculptures illumination is a method to connect the image and the physical.