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As the collective sandbox servers are hosted from the school, they use a hidden VPN network to connect to the internet, famously known as the HUB.

To be able to SSH to a sandbox server from outside of the school, you can use a SSH proxy jump.

The SSH proxy jump will make a connection to the sandbox through XPUB's XVM server.

Using a SSH proxy jump to access a sandbox server

Download the jump key files from Zulip and save them to the ~/.ssh/ on your laptop (not on chopchop!):


Copy the following config file, change the USERNAME to your username, and save it to ~/.ssh/config on your laptop:

Host xvm_jump
User jump
Port 2501
Identityfile ~/.ssh/jump

Host chopchop
ProxyJump xvm_jump
Identityfile ~/.ssh/id_ed25519

Now, you should be able to ssh to chopchop, both from the school and outside the school, with this command:

$ ssh chopchop

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