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Sound <=> Sight

The most remarkable development in both modern music and the visual arts is the enormous expansion of the artist’s territory. The composer need no longer to create music with traditional instrument, but also with any sound that appeals to him and electronic and computer music.

The visual arts, too, have refused to be restricted by the traditional instruments: oil paints and canvas. Any material in any form can be used. Technological achievements too. The diversity of the objectives has increased.

Why should we not be able to see with our ears and hear with out eyes?

Three sound visual cases by three artists :Ton Bruynel, Dick Raaijmakers and Peter Struycken about sound and sight are introduced in the following parts of the book.

Ton Bruynel – an object: visually it is a square space in which the visitors finds themselves among objects which are, in a sense, scale models of the room itself. Dick Raaijmakers – a dialogue between sound and visual motion in a series of loudspeakers combined with steel balls, spheres or small metal rectangles. Peter Struycken – a model in which he investigates how to obtain variations in large numbers of structures built up of similar component parts.(an image and sound programm).