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I've always had a good relationship with my mother,but I was curious about the role of "father".
My father was absent from my childhood.Later,due to the lack of communication,the misunderstanding of each other deepened day by day,and the relationship became estranged.After becoming an adult,I left my hometown to study,and the distance never eased.
The photography series"SEEDS",initially,it was just a tentative communication through the camera.Record a short time together during a vacation.I use my father as the protagonist of the story,by photographing his daily,and some of the memories of the past that were brought up during the time we were together.These scattered images are like seeds,growing into different shapes. There's a constant shifting of roles between the performer and the photographer,therefore,many fragmented photos gradually shaped a familiar and unfamiliar image of my father.That's the real relationship between father and me.





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