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Resetting your Django database =

Often if you change a model, you will get a DatabaseError (or something like it) because your models are out of sync with your database file.

1. Delete the old database (NB: the data in this database will be lost!)

rm db/whatever.db

2. Use syncdb to rebuild...

python syncdb

Trying to preserve data

Use sqlite3 to manually manipulate the database

sudo apt-get install sqlite3

Run sqlite3 on your database file...

sqlite3 db/YOURDATABASE.db

Show a list of all the tables in the database

sqlite> .schema

Use the drop command to delete a particular table (the one you want to rebuild):

drop table music_text;

Use dump/load data

It is sometimes possible to use Django's dump and load data commands to keep your data when you make changes to the model. Note, however, that the loaddata command is very sensitive.

python dumpdata db/mydata.json

Now change your models and rebuild as per instructions above.

python loaddata db/mydata.json