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During the Res's workshop, we were assigned to choose a partner and create a portrait collection based on several questions. These questions included: Is anyone a stable subject of portraiture? What do they become as a subject? What is a subject? My partner for this project was Anni, a classmate of mine. We worked together for three sessions to create the collection.

I was struck by how Anni could change her style and expression on social media, and how she could choose the final frame for her portraits. I decided to take simple portraits of her and let her style shine through. I wanted to capture her personality beyond the traditional framework.

At the end of the two weeks, I had to choose between the pictures I took. I used the traditional method of printing the pictures, which allowed me to appreciate the collection as a whole. I found it fascinating to select the photos that best represented Anni's personality, and to realize that I was the one choosing the final frame for her.

To explore this idea further, I decided to ask the class to do the same and pick their favorites from the collection. I was interested in seeing how others would frame Anni, and how their choices would differ from mine.

Anni still1.jpgAnni still2.jpgAnni still3.jpgAnni still4.jpgAnni still5.jpgAnni still6.jpgAnni still7.jpgAnni still8.jpg