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We start at 11:00.

MORNING (reading and annotating):

1) Review work on SI

2) Look at Nature Study Notes (1969) by Scratch Orchestra (ed.Cornelius Cardew) read out some of the instructions. Look at LB Scratch Directory and at Xpub directory from last year.

Scratch Orchestra

The Great Learning (1971)


3) RAPID reading and annotation of all problems of notation will be solved by the masses

AFTERNOON (inventing and experimenting):

In groups, invent, perform, record notations

a) record your own notations

b) record notations from another group (so, we end up with different recorded versions of the same piece = cover version).

In the AM we will discuss and annotate this text:

Yuill, Simon. 2008. “All Problems of Notation Will Be Solved By the Masses.” http://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/all-problems-notation-will-be-solved-masses.

Please put time aside to read it beforehand and please take a look at this text: Scratch Orchestra (1969) Nature Study Notes


Last year [as part of Femke's project], Xpub1 developed this over two sessions:


another version is here https://hub.xpub.nl/soupboat/SI18/notations/

This year, Lens Based developed this over two sessions:


They are based on The Scratch Orchestra’s Nature Study Notes (1969) http://intuitivemusic.dk/iima/sonsn.pdf.

In The Scratch Orchestra, the members (with varying degrees of musical ability) would propose a set of restraints (notations) which would be performed by the members.

The first two links above are lens-Based’s and Xpub’s experiments using their own restraints (and including "cover versions").

Previous annotations and links:

Pad: https://pad.xpub.nl/p/Problemsofnotation-for_annotation

John Cage's Song Books Vol 1 (1970) https://monoskop.org/images/0/03/Cage_John_Song_Books_Volume_1.pdf

Eno: Oblique Strategies (card game)


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