Prototyping NM 2011-2012 T2

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List of project/technology links (** add your project/technology here **)


  • jquery - simplifying Javascript library - Eleanor
  • node.js - Using JavaScript on a web server - Jonas
  • couchdb - Document-oriented database - Jonas
  • Robotics! (together with Stock)
  • | vvvv.js vvvv rewritten in javascript. node-based programming on the web. [1] - Bart
  • HTML5 canvas / WebGL

Inspirational projects

Assignment 1 (for 19 Jan 2012): Project dissection

  • Select a project or technology that you find interesting, Add a link to it above.
    • For a project, look into how the project is made (what languages / platforms does it use?)
    • For a technology, find an example project that uses the technology that you find interesting.

In both cases give some thought to how you might want to build your own project using the same technology / approach.

Cookbook / Frameworks

This trimester, the "exercises" will take the form of projects, to be done in small groups with mixed skills / backgrounds. Each person in a group will have a different role (backend, database, interface, connective, documentation). The idea is for people to step out of their "comfort zone" and to pick a role that stretches their ability.

The groups will be formed around a particular technology/topic. Work on the project will take the form of one or more Cookbook entries. The idea is that in prototyping, you will be building frameworks together. These frameworks are then available to be "filled in" with your own conceptual content in the context of your individual Thematic project.


Each week one (or more?) group presents the current progress of their project. Other "project dissections" of other examples you find could also be presented.

Projects Trimester 2

- Marie, Petra, Silvio: Chitchat with Marie and Petra

- Jasper, Dave, Bart: Satellite Tracking + Sound Spatialisation

- Eleanor: distributed archive

- Jonas: LTAP

- Andre: sounds per term

- Silvio: @ Traces (with Andre Castro)